Lots of likes, NO VAT!

Istikballer, which impresses with its style, is waiting for you with a discount at the VAT rate.
Hurry up, don't miss this opportunity. Istikballer, which will suit your home very well, is now up to 40% off with the advantage of additional VAT discount!
Moreover, up to 60% discount opportunity for Blue Dotted products is at Istikbal Stores...

VAT discount will be applied to our consumers who shop for Furniture in the amount of 15,900 TL or more over the recommended cash prices, including VAT, from Istikbal Stores.

The campaign is valid between 01 June - 31 August 2021 at the recommended retail prices including VAT. An 8% (eight percent) VAT discount will be applied to our consumers who shop for furniture from Istikbal Stores at a time of 15.900 TL and above ((VAT Included) Cash (1+5T) prices. VAT discount application will be valid for other product groups except Blue Dot products and Bed-Base product group. Istikbal reserves the right to make changes on its products without prior notice. Changes in VAT or other tax rates and new taxes that may come will be reflected in the prices exactly. The right to terminate the campaign before the specified campaign date is reserved. For detailed information about the campaign conditions, please contact an Istikbal Authorized Dealer. Istikbal cannot be held responsible for typographical errors. The opportunity of 12 installments for Maximum'a Card special cash price is valid at Maximum Member Businesses.

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